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Hair extensions

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Hair extensions are hair and wigs of raw materials, but also can be woven directly into the head.
According to the manufacturing process can be divided into hand- woven hair extension and hair extension mechanism.
According to the raw materials can be divided into human hair and synthetic hair curtain- doped synthetic hair and human hair curtain.
There are many colors, hair color curtain dark ( 1#, 1B#,), brown ( 2 # 4 # 6, # 8), light ( 22 #, 24 #, 60 #, 613#, white, etc.), CRAZY color ( manly red, blue, green, etc.)
Hair weaving curvature are : straight hair, curly hair, wavy hair. Where there are a lot of curly hair curvature, such as body wave, deep wave, kinky curl, funmi curl, spring curl and so on.
Hair curtain lengths: 8” – 40 “ and even longer or shorter. Under normal circumstances, 18” – 24”is the most favorite female friend length.
The screens of weight, under normal circumstances, 100g/ article, of course, in order to meet the requirements of foreign customers, Some manufacturers also made 113g/ article ( becarse 4 ounces = 113 grams).
Hair weaving uses: directly allocated to the hair, making hair clips, caps do three uses