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How To Moisturize Hair Extensions?

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Moisturizing your newly bought virgin hair extensions can sometimes cause unnecessary stress and fear. Don't worry,there are some really simple steps that you can take to ensure that your virgin hair extensions are well maintained and taken care of so that you can look your best and keep your hair healthy and beautiful.
To apply your conditioner, squirt the product in your hands and rub your hands together. Be sure to apply these moisturizers with your hands and fingers spread apart. The fingers are very sensitive and less harsh than a brush. you will be able to feel for tangles and also work the moisturizer into your hair evenly without causing damage.  Work your fingers downward, from the top toward the ends in a nice motion. This will give your hair body and fullness as well as a natural healthy.
Lightly brush through your hair with a paddle brush. Start at the ends and working slowly back up to the root in order  to avoid breakage from any possible tangles. Brush gently and evenly until you have completely worked all the way up to the top. Too much brushing your virgin hair extensions can ruin the natural curl pattern.
You can then curl, straighten and style your hair anyway you like. If you use heat when styling your hair be sure to use heat protector with aloe and vitamin e because heat styling your virgin hair extensions will damage the protective cuticle layer of your hair and cause split ends and dry hair.
See! Your beautiful virgin hair extensions are now moisturized and protected.