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How to Wash a Weft Weave Before Installing?

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tiempo de actualizacion : 2014-05-21 11:12:00
Washing a weft weave before installing is something that you'll want to do with the right type of shampoo. Wash a weft weave before installing with help from a licensed cosmetologist, as well as the owner of two salons and the Rhapsody Cosmetic line
One of the things that I do is you want to shampoo the hair with a clarifying shampoo, as if it, because this hair is human hair, so you want to treat it as if it's a human head of hair. And, we're going to remove any residue from shipping and handling on that hair, and it becomes, it gives that hair more pliability and it receives your product better, so it actually helps open and swell the hair shaft. And, so, we want to clean that weft before, we want to clean that hair before we actually install it, and we're removing any order as well. And, so, today I share, share with you on putting that hair in the shampoo bowl, and just washing it as if you was washing your lingerie because it is delicate, and so you just wanna squeeze it and work it really softly, and also, rinse, rinse, rinse. And, one of my secrets is I rinse until I see no more bubbles, of all the bubbles are gone, and then I will apply a light conditioner and comb it through, and there you have it